I’m a fine-art portraiture photographer, I take pictures of people.

I explore various shades in the lives of people, and my works provide an angle to my perspective and lens through which I view the world around me. As a self-portrait artist, I often photograph myself and become the characters created by my own imaginations and fears.

After studying law for years in college, I realized that my true love lies in telling stories.  I started photography in 2013 and have tried my hand in multiple genres such as fashion, wedding, nature but found my solace in photographing people and creation of an image and telling a story through that. I love life and people but often prefer to introspect in my solitude and in my mental ‘zone’ (if you will).

I truly believe that any impression must be created by a powerful means of expression; and expression can only come through self-discovery. Thus many of my works tend to gravitate towards holding up a mirror towards certain aspects of society.

Art is a mirror for the creator and the observer .