A few words from Rajarshi Mukherjee

A portrait can transform the way you feel about yourself. A portrait can be an incredible celebration of a special moment in your life or the lives or the ones you love. A portrait can be incredible gift.

Everyone deserves a beautiful portrait of themselves. Recently I set out on a mission to put myself on the other side of the camera. Not only to understand the vulnerability and uncertainty that you may feel during a portrait session, but I also understand the incredible confidence that beautiful images can give you. I am incredibly grateful not only for these images that a milestone in my life, but also helped me start a new chapter in my story.

You, too deserve images you are proud of. Maybe, it’s to celebrate an accomplishment in your life. Maybe you are investing in your personal brand and want to establish your image. Maybe it’s a gift for someone you love.

Maybe it’s a way to create an image of the ones you love into a fine art portraiture worthy to be framed up on your wall.

Maybe you are a performer or artist that needs promotional imagery. Or… maybe it is just time to reward yourself. Whatever the reason, I’ll help you feel comfortable, confident and to create images that meets your goals. Our images will flatter and showcase your strengths.

My specialty is fine art portraiture and I infuse my imagination into your imagery. This range from developing a concept, providing stunning hair and makeup, select striking wardrobe, as well as fashion retouching end toning. In the end, I use my expertise to help you create portraits worthy of your wall.

When you hire me for your portrait session, get more than a remarkable final image. You get a remarkable and enjoyable experience. For you to enjoy this process, I have outlined the experience and what you can expect before, during and after your session.